Geek&Co: Trick Stick (KOS1048)

About This Project

  • Få saker att sväva med statiskt elektricitet
  • Ett kul sätt att lära dig mer om grundläggande fysik
  • Tydlig steg for steg manual

This kit uses a “magic wand” to show the stunning power of electrostatic energy which will inflate the included objects into 3D shapes and hold them invisibly in the air! Power up the generating wand with 2x AA Batteries and hold your own “Magic” show of levitating objects. The full-colour manual teaches the user about the science behind the kit. The electrical potential is similar to that generated by the Van de Graaf Generator; an important high voltage generating device now used for accelerating subatomic particles to high speed, a useful tool for fundamental physics research.

Geek&Co: Trick Stick

8+ år


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